In Love With Christ

Jesus the ChristChrist is the friend who is always there waiting – even for those of us who do not speak to Him or seek Him out day after day.

He is the only friend we have who will always forgive us no matter what we do.

He is the only friend we have who will always understand. He will even understand what we cannot understand about ourselves – and about the rest of the world.

Christ is the one friend who will always be a perfect friend. He‘ll never betray us, never lead us astray, never harm us, and never leave us – no matter how undeserving we are.

Christ does not try to argue with those who misunderstand who He is.

Icon of Christ Christ does not force those who do not want Him in their lives.

Christ does not get insulted when His name is cursed by thoughtless speakers.

He does not rush to explain Himself to those who demand proof of His existence, or who threaten to stop believing because bad things happen to good people.

When we hurt because of our wrongs, and wish the pain would go away, we still have Christ, who is the only one who knows the extent of our true guilt, whether it’s harsher or lighter than we judge ourselves. Christ still accepts us and makes the sun to shine on us each day.

Because of Christ, this website needs no copyright notice. It needs no email address. It need not fear being plagiarized, sued, or complained about. It need not ask anything of you. It need not advertise or link to any other website. The only purpose of this website is to bring you closer to Christ, who brings comfort, hope, and restoration to all.


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